The Beginning:
It all started on May 5, 2003 when James and Denise
were married in Incline Village, Nevada. An intimate
wedding with only very close friends and family were
there to celebrate a love like no other. Amaya,
Denise's daughter was the flower girl and there to
celebrate with her new family.  In July 2004 a baby
boy was conceived and born in April 2005. Jayden our
newest addition made our family complete. Our family
represents everything that is important to us.  This
site is dedicated to making sure that no matter how
far we are from one another we remain in each others
hearts, and thoughts always.
About Us:
We live in Fremont, California and have lived in the Bay Area for the last 20
years. We were all born and raised here in California "It's the cheese." Our
families though are scattered throughout the United States in  Colorado,
Washington, Wisconsin, New Mexico and even France.
Cool Facts:
James started sailing at 3 years old. He has been sailing on Lake
Michigan and all over Washington.

Denise has been to France at least 6 times and can speak French

Amaya has a webbed toe on her left foot which makes her unique.

Jayden started walking at 9 months where most kids don't walk
until 1 year of age.
Were going to Disneyland!!!! May 4th 2007 - May 8th, 2007.
Amaya's Pre-school Graduation
James @ Larry's on 4th of July.
Our Family
Hollenback Family "Welcome Home"
Jayden and Grandpa on Christmas 2005.
Amaya and mommy on the ferry in Seattle, Washington